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Churchill Club – Kitchen Table to IPO

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Last Thursday, was the one of my favorite networking events – The Churchill Club.

It had three CEOs of listed ASX companies:
Slivo Salom
Silvio is a co-founder and a Director of Lochard Environmental and Adacel Technologies Limited. Adacel is a leading developer of advanced simulation and control systems for aviation and defence. Adacel listed on the ASX in 1998, and is now headquartered in North America, with revenues in 2005/2006 of over $50M.

Silvio holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) degree from Monash University.

Michael Abela
Michael Abela has had extensive experience over the last 15 years in a range of senior management positions covering sales and marketing, operations and finance. With a particular focus in the telecommunications and technology sector, Mr. Abela was formerly Managing Director of ASX listed company Quadrant Iridium Ltd (now Fulcrum Equity Ltd, ASX:FUL).

Michael has had direct experience as a partner in a boutique investment bank, undertaking capital raising, corporate advisory and M&A activity for both private and public companies.

More recently, Michael has taken on the position of CEO of publicly listed Mobi Limited (ASX:MBI). Mobi has acquired three telecommunications assets in the last six months. Michael is particularly focused on building Mobi’s OneNetwork – Australia’s leading business grade, hosted IP telephony business.

Michael is also Non Executive Chairman of ASX listed clothing wholesale provider, Austin Group Ltd (ASX:ATG).

Leon LauLeon Lau
Leon Lau, one of Peoplebank Australia’s founders in 1990, has been Managing Director since 1998 and has 24 years experience in the IT&T recruitment industry. He has experienced first hand the rapid growth and development of this industry from its infancy to what has now become a multi-billion dollar market sector.

Leon entered the IT&T contracting and recruitment industry from senior sales and marketing roles for a US multinational chemical company. Prior to establishing Peoplebank Australia Limited in 1990 he was General Manager of what was then Australia’s largest IT&T contracting agency.

He is a Board member of ITCRA (Information Technology Contracting and Recruitment Association), the industry body representing the IT&T contracting and recruitment sector.”

The event was good in detailing what it takes to get listed.

The main take away is don’t list if you don’t have too. There are two reasons what you list your company:
1. realise wealth and exit
2. access to capital

Michael had just been hurt by Opes Prime, as had the others, but they were surprisingly up beat about things.The take away was if you running your company well your share price on that day won’t matter. They also said don’t use an IPO to get your company right, you need to have your shit together before you get to this position. $100-150 million revenue, is the point when people take you seriously, below that nobody cares. Some really good food for thought…..


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April 20, 2008 at 6:58 am

CTIA 2008 Keynote Liveblog

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Branson at CTIATechcrunch reports on the keynote presentation at CTIA, America’s mobile telecommunication’s industry body. Microsoft, Richard Brandson… makes for an interesting read about what Virgin Mobile and Microsoft are thinking in this realm. It also asserts that mobile content is up to a $72 billion industry, overstripping music. 

Written by portableandrew

April 1, 2008 at 9:45 pm