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Seinfeld: Slightly less funny than Microsoft Vista

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So, our intern Mike drew my attention to this terrible, terrible ad. Microsoft, rather than spending millions of dollars to fix the problems in Vista, are spending $300 million to change people’s perceptions of the problems in Vista. Bring in Jerry Seinfeld, make an ad where he meets Bill Gates in a discount shoe store, have them talk irrelevant crap for over a minute, and hey presto, you’re there.

After watching, I found this article over in PC World, which chronicles and thankfully, hilariously presents all of Microsoft’s historically terrible ad campaigns – witness a crazy Japanese man shouting for the launch of Windows 3.1; be slightly embarrassed by the oh-so-80s DOS rap crew.

And does Gates realise that Seinfeld had a Mac in the back of his apartment in the last few seasons?


Written by alsays

September 12, 2008 at 6:27 am

Posted in Technology

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