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Socialbomb meshes actual social interaction and the principles of online social networking offline in a slightly twisted, competitive way, designed to take your obsessive friend-baiting abilities on Facebook and translate them to your day-to-day hanging out. Players are given an electronic device housing a microcontroller, radio transceiver, and numeric display, and “compete” socially in the real world – each player is defined numerically by social reputation, gets points for being around similar, or are penalized for being near digitally-defined social lepers. Social promiscuity defines your overall score, and the worst player on the table is the “socialbomb”…

Working in reverse in taking the some of the specifics of online networking offline, is this only going to forge new, digitally dependent cliques of computer nerds? Consider at http://www.socialbomb.net…


Written by alsays

April 13, 2008 at 11:28 pm

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