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The End of Drunken Emails

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Google Labs has just added a feature to gmail that is designed to stop you getting drunk and speaking your mind to people via email in ways you may later live to regret. Mail Goggles, when enabled, will check that you’re really sure you want to send that late night Friday email after several pints. And what better way to check than by making you solve a few simple math problems after you click send to verify you’re in the right state of mind?

By default, the app is set to active late night in the weekends when activated, but you can adjust for daytime hours if you’re an alcoholic, or on the brink of a nervous breakdown.


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October 8, 2008 at 1:34 am

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fring is a VoIP application that lets you use Skype, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo!, and AIM clients to chat and instant message. Well, the good news is that fring is available now for free in the Apple App Store and can be loaded on your iPhone without any jailbreaking required.

fring will run on your iPhone or iPod Touch and works over the WiFi network. You can even make SkypeOut calls with fring so if you are traveling fring may be the application you want to make low cost and free calls on the road.

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October 5, 2008 at 1:03 pm

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More iPhone apps

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SGN’s Wii-like Golf And Bowling Games

No surprise that SGN’s iPhone games are doing so well – they’re fun to play and they’re free. iGolf is at no. 7 on the top ten apps list and has, the company says, more than 1 million downloads. The newly launched iBowl is at no. 8.

Fring brings Skype and other VoIP services to iPhone
Beyond the Skype functionality (which I imagine would be its most
popular use), Fring also lets you chat (and call, where appropriate)
friends over MSN, GoogleTalk, AIM, Yahoo, Twitter, ICQ, and of course,
Fring’s own service.

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October 5, 2008 at 12:00 pm

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The M2E (Movement to Energy) kinetic battery converts the kinetic energy of someone walking around to clean energy.  M2E claims that 2 hours of light movement can charge about 1 hour of talk-time in a cellphone, and the plan is to make the travelling battery available to a variety of mobile and portable devices. Planned for release mid to late 2009.

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October 4, 2008 at 7:12 am

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Norway: Doesn’t Like iTunes

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ZDNet reports that Norway’s Consumer Ombudsman is taking Apple to the government’s Market Council in an effort to force the company to open its iTunes store to all mp3 players…

Good luck – Europe has been trying to collectively force Apple’s hand with this for two years now – however, Apple ha until early November to respond to the complaint and talk DRM shop with Norway Authorities. A binding legal decision from the Market Council won’t be available to next year, however.

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October 4, 2008 at 6:57 am

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Seedcamp, is the European-wide competition for seed-stage startups,  each winners gets €50,000 seed funding from Seedcamp’s conglomerate of venture backers, but the stake in each startup varys, along similar lines to the Y-Combinator model. This year a record seven winners were named rather than the five  originally set out to award.

For a full write up check out Check out TechCrunch UK for a fuller write-up but the winners were:

BaseKit (UK)
This is a deceptively easy way to create complex web sites and applications, which saves time building simple apps and demos.

Kyko (UK) (no site yet)
Currently in stealth mode, but from what I’ve seen it’s pretty good for a 21-year old founder.

Mobclix (US)
A “comscore with an ad network for iPhones apps” said the judges.They were also a TechCrunch 50 company. They are considering moving to Europe where the mobile scene is hot right now.

Soup (Austria)
This is Tumblr for the rest of us. It has a Twitter-like interface enabling feed imports/ lifestreaming, bookmarklets, you name it.

Stupeflix (France)
This is similar to Animoto but where that site takes hours to convert video Stupeflix does it in real time on a massive scale.

Toksta (Germany)
This is white label IM and video for social networks, so socnets don’t have to create it themselves. This adds stickiness and increases user activity.

uberVU (Romania)
uberVU keeps track of context from all over the Web (responses, comments, trackbacks, diggs, etc.) around a story so you can see what people are saying about it on different sites and services. The founders say they are “mapping the conversational graph” – pretty cool stuff for three guys from Romania, not known for many startups.

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September 28, 2008 at 11:05 pm

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Hive Logic Enkoder

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You guys may aready know about this, but it was news to me. The Hive Logic “Enkoder” is a really handy little utility that converts email addresses into encrypted Javascript code which hides them from bots and scrapers, but keeps them visible to humans. Run the enkoder to generated the javascript code and paste it into your sites. No more ugly name [at] email [dot] com addresses!


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September 28, 2008 at 9:07 am

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